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Primary school teachers are unique in that they are bringing children into their fascinating world. These teachers should be eager to lead and instruct them. Children of this age are still dependent on adults to lead, guide, and protect them. Your classroom and teaching demeanor should have these qualities.

Get Parents Involved

Elementary school teachers have a handful. The sooner you get to know the parents, and ask them for help, the better. Parents can be a wonderful asset.
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Elementary Teachers Must be Creative

You are teaching children who are have energy and eagerness. Many times you will be called upon to be creative. Planning, resources, adapting, are qualities you need.
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Primary Grades are Active

You must keep them active as well. No matter what the time of day is, they must be involved. Active learning is not always hands-on and moving. Their brains must be stimulated. They can be bundles of energy. Let them be active in the learning process.
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Teaching elementary should be fun, rewarding, and satisfying. You know that there might be no better job in the world. A little bit of the future is in your hands. Make it count.

Always be Positive!

Young children can be fragile. They look up to teachers as if they are big friends or substitute parents. Be happy teaching!
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They are Ready to Help

Elementary students just start learning about their world and the environment. They want to be helpful. They would love to do things to help, so encourage them to starting thinking green.
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Give them a Break! Play a Game!

Learning can be fun, but sometimes you need a little fun in your classroom! Take a break and let them play a game.
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You Need Classroom Time Fillers

Never let your grade school kids have nothing to do. You should have activities ready for early finishers, or even have a little fun from time to time. They can even add to the lesson.

Here are a couple of free activities we have:

Free Coloring Pages

Free Wordsearch puzzles

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