High School Teacher Teaching Tips

High school teachers are teaching unique students. Many teachers are not ready for the problems that arise. The students are bigger, but they are still children. Yes, they are also on the verge of adulthood. They need to be treated as adults, while at the same time, taught as children in many instances. They are very aware of their own personal world. This too makes teaching difficult, as students need to be motivated and focused. Not easy in today's world. They want independence, but in reality, need help and guidance. While leading them into the world, you are also now asked to teach them a specific subject. Not an easy task! Below we have put together a short list of teaching articles that might be of interest for high school teachers in hopes that it might make their lives a little easier.

High School List of Teaching Articles

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How to Deal With Confrontational and Difficult Students

Solving Classroom Discipline Problems

Managing Your Classroom in a Time Efficient Manner

Calling on Students in a Fair and Effective Way

How to Motivate Sleepy and Bored Students

Becoming a More Creative Teacher

Effectively Teaching a Diverse Student Population

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