How Teachers can Stay Healthy and Fit

Improve your health and your classroom teaching also benefits

Teachers can find it difficult to stay in shape. The "teacher-spread" is something that should be avoided. With a few tips, you can teaching and staying healthy can go hand in hand.

Start early in the day if you can. Getting up 15 to 30 minutes earlier can mean you are able to get a quick workout in. It does not need to be strenuous. A jog or walk around the block daily can do wonders. If you have exercise equipment at home, like a stair climber, use that.

An alternative is to get out school early and walk around the playground, track, or school grounds. You don't want to get too sweaty, so if you do this, have some wet wipes handy. Again, don't think you need a full-blown workout. You just need a little to start the day and keep the dreaded "teacher spread" from happening.

Elementary teachers can get in with their kids and play during physical education.

High school and middle school teachers can coach and participate with the students.

Maybe there is a group of teachers and staff at your school who get together before school, lunch, or after school, and do some physical activity at school. If not, maybe you could start a fitness "club" at your school. Get a couple of other teachers to join you.

Teachers are busy. We all know what. You will do well to stay organized. Read our article on Lowering Teacher Stress for tips on lessening your workload.

Instead of going out for a drink or a snack, stop at the gym on your way home. Even if you spend just 20 minutes, it will lower your stress level and allow you to wind down properly. Alcohol is not going to do anything for you.

Avoid drinking unhealthy drinks during the day. Water is best. Stay hydrated. Sure, teachers need a strong bladder, as restroom breaks may be far apart. Water is better on the kidneys than coffee and soda.

Speaking of coffee, if you drink it in the morning, get up early enough to drink it and have the bladder effects gone before school starts.

Eat fresh and as healthy as possible. You know what food is best. Pack your own lunch and avoid candy bars and chips for snacks.

If there are always cookies and donuts in the staff room, avoid them. Don't be the one to bring goodies.

The more you eat healthy, the better. This one small step will go a long way in keeping the pounds off.

There are many articles on this website to help you lower your work load. From the way you assign homework, to lesson planning. You need to have as much of weekend free to be active and not working.

Speaking of weekends, you can do longer physical things on the weekends, like hiking.

If you feel overworked, tired, stressed out, always will gain weight and feel worse.

Teachers and administrators can be a hypocritical bunch. We are so concerned about obesity, inactivity, and junk food for our students...But look around. How many members of the school board are overweight? Teachers?

We need to set an example. No, we don't need to be triathletes. Just a little slimmer, more active, and healtheir.

Get your sleep. You need energy and alertness. If you are late grading, planning, watching TV even, you won't recharge. You need your rest and sleep.

Supplements and vitamins might help. But a healthy diet and snack routine is better.

Coffee is a good pick-me-up, but the effects don't last. Avoid coffee after 5pm or so.

Staying fit, alert, and energized, can be difficult as a teacher. Our days are full. It is up to you to keep your weight healthy. Any extra pounds will exacerbate these problems.

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