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Finding and Creating Lesson Plans

Lesson plans do not have to be elaborate. Three things that should be included in every lesson you plan are: What am I going to teach? How am I going to teach it? What will I do for the students who don't get it?

The last part is not mentioned by most teachers, but it is perhaps the most important part. Remember that as you lesson plan.

The internet can be a valuable resource for lesson plans. You can find lesson plans on almost any subject for any grade level. The problem is actually using them in a real classroom.

When most teachers think lesson plans on the internet, they really are thinking lesson resources as opposed to actual plans.

Since every teacher has a different slant to what a lesson plan should be, take the resources and adapt it to your classroom situation.

There are many types of lesson planning guides, but we'll go over one that is typical.

First, you need to introduce the topic in a way that gets students interested. Asking a question about the subject, what they know, etc. Anything that you can do to at least get students ready to learn.

Next, introduce the material. This can you or them reading, discussing, or leading the class doing the activity as a group.

Eventually your students need to do something on their own. They can work alone, you can assign partners, or even groups. But you must walk around the room to facilitate.

To finish, you need some type of assessment.

You can do this orally by asking questions, or writing a couple of problems/questions on the board to be done individually alone. Assigning homework is now an option.

Are you doing lesson plans daily, weekly, or even monthly?

Think about long term lesson planning. Teachers should do at least a weekly plan. Doing lesson plans daily is not a good way of teaching. Depending on how things go, you may have to change the plans to fit how your students are doing.

It also helps to keep the learning process flowing and consistent. There are many places on the internet that provide lesson plans. You can even submit your own.

Teachers should have a lesson plan filing system. Keep a file cabinet or box with your lesson plans in them, filed in subjects and categories. Yes, you should print out each lesson and make your own notes. If you just bookmark or save the websites to your favorites, the websites may not be there next time you look. The internet does not stand still and many sites change or go offline.

Sites for lesson plans: Remember, these are only ideas for lesson plans. The instruction and planning is left up to you.

Lesson plans from scholastic
Lesson plans from the Discovery channel
Free lesson plans from the U.S. government.

Don't think that you must do the lesson plans exactly how you find them. Many lesson plans will need to be modified by the teacher for his or her own class. It may take time for you to become an expert on creating, modifying, and implementing good lesson plans. But without them, teaching is less effective.

You probably teach the same idea over multiple days. When doing lesson planning, you may wish to make one lesson plan that will last two or more days. Teachers, especially new teachers, sometimes think they spend a lot of time doing lesson plans. The more you can plan in advance, the better.

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