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Ways to Run a Sunday School Class on a Low Budget

The first and often overlooked is to ask for parent donations to supplement your class. If you plan ahead, you can ask the parents for craft items, games or other supplies that you may need. Parents probably have many of these items at home unused anyway. Planning ahead can also help you think outside the box.

What do you have that can be used in a new way?

A large box can become a playhouse for your class. A toilet paper tube could be turned into a puppet. The front of a cereal box can be cut into pieces and used as a puzzle, or punch holes in it for a sewing card. The possibilities are endless. Here are some more ideas.

Helping the church is a great idea that will cost you next to nothing. Involve the children in giving a helping hand to the church. Think of something that needs to be done in and around your church? Could you take the kids outside to plant a colourful flowerbed?

Is there any rubbish that needs to be pick up outside around the church? Can you make get well cards for the sick members of your church? Not only will these activities fill your class time and keep the children busy, but they are also very inexpensive and helpful. It will also give the children a great sense of accomplishment when they have helped others in the church community.

Making your own clay is another inexpensive idea. Children absolutely love squishing and squashing clay, but store bought clay tends to cost a lot and dries out quickly.

You can make your own supply for your classroom. There are many good recipes that are easy and cheap. One of the quickest is using flour, salt and food colouring. Look on the internet to find some good recipes.

Of course one of the easiest ways to save money in your class is to recycle everything and make these items into fun crafts. Baby food jars can serve as decorated candleholder. Old Christmas cards can be turned into new tree ornaments or new cards. Cut the tops off of gallon milk jugs to make Easter baskets or storage for small toys. You can use small milk containers as planters for starting seeds inside the classroom.

The key is to think and plan ahead, this way you can start to look for items, but also involve the church and in particular parents. You can also involve the children in the planning. The week before give them a leaflet explaining "Next week we will be making a puppet, please bring a toilet roll and some cotton wool".

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