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Sunday School Crafts For Christian Children

By Mary Kate Warner

Sunday school crafts make learning about religion fun for kids. It's always good to incorporate fun Bible crafts because visuals help children to memorize stories and verses. Plus, you want to make the learning as fun as you can possibly can!

A perfect subject to begin your crafts with is the story of creation. You're going to have your class create a creation wheel! There are a number of supplies and materials that you will need to provide: scissors, pencil ruler, corrugated cardboard, light weight cardboard, markers, glue, cotton balls and paper fasteners. You should precut circles with a diameter of 12 inches from the corrugated cardboard and the lightweight cardboard. On the corrugated cardboard, there needs to be 8 wedges of the same size drawn. The lightweight cardboard needs 1 wedge slightly smaller than the ones on the other cardboard cut into it. The kids will be drawing the Creation story on the 8 wedges, with the first spot being the title, 'The Creation Story.'

Using markers, the kids will decorate the wheel to tell about the 7 days of creation. You'll need to review each day and most likely write them on a chalkboard so the kids have reference in case they forget. Segment 1 will be when God separated light from dark. Segment 2 will be when he made the sky; have the kids use the cotton to make clouds. Segment 3 will be when the lands were separated from the sea. Segment 4 will be when God put the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky. Segment 5 will be when he created birds in the sky and fish in the sea. Segment 6 will be when he created animals and mankind. Then, segment 7 will be when God rested. After the children are done decorating the wheel, clip the cardboard pieces together so that the segment with the title on it is showing through the open wedge.

Sunday school crafts are a great key to teaching different parts of Christianity to kids. The 'Cheerful Cookie Box' is one of the Sunday school crafts that show the importance of family. You'll need to provide two identical plastic containers for each kid. You should have a box filled with different coloring pages that have to do with Christianity. The kids will need to bring in different photographs from home. You'll need scissors and sticky bows. Have the children put one of the containers inside the other and then they're ready to decorate. They'll cut their photos and colored pictures and stick them between the containers so that they can be seen from the outside and stay in place. They should decorate every side with different pictures. After they're done decorating, give them the sticky bows to put on top of the lid. Surprise them by providing cookies to put in their boxes!

You want the Sunday school crafts to teach information from the actual Bible but you also want them to show Christian values like family. The 'Cheerful Cookie Box' can be made as a Christmas gift or just for decoration. Most importantly, make sure that the kids are enjoying themselves while they develop their Christianity!

Mary-Kate Warner is a Sunday School Director in Colorado.

Feel free to visit her website to discover more fun preschool Sunday school crafts:

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