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Sunday School Crafts: Creation Story

Creation Story Paper Mache
By Maggie Du Plessis

One of our Bible Story Crafts, this paper maché globe illustrates the Creation story. Fun, Kids Bible Crafts such as this easy to make paper maché activity, help make Scripture and Bible lesson more memorable because children often learn best with hands on or visual experiences. Also, as educators know, when there is a pleasant association with a lesson, it is more likely to be remembered.

This Bible Story Craft illustrates the seven days of Creation and is suitable for the K-2 group, while older children may enjoy helping the little ones and even making their own.

Supplies for Creation Bible Story Craft

  • Paper maché Globe*. Children can have fun making these ahead of time. They will be decorated in this Bible Craft. When doing the maché, remember to have one side of the globe light (sky blue or white) and one side night (midnight blue or black).
  • Magazine Pictures
  • Photo of child (around wallet size)
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Cotton Balls
  • Craft glue

Creation Story Paper Maché Directions

  1. These steps correspond to the sequential 7 Days of Creation. You may want to read each verse and write them on the blackboard or handouts before the children move from step to step.
  2. God created day and night: Bring paper maché globes and decorative items to the table.
  3. God created the sky: Add white puffy clouds, using white paint and cotton balls or any of the other decorative items. If the daylight side of the globe is white, paint a blue sky first.
  4. God separated the land from the waters and planted it with trees, grasses and flowers: Create these elements with magazines pictures, paint, markers and/or stickers.
  5. God made the sun, moon and stars: Add these items using decorative items of choice. Glow in the dark stars would be fun. Some kids really like having fun with this and getting creative, such as adding sunglasses to the sun or a smile to the moon; others will be more into a pretty or a realistic look.
  6. God created the birds and the fish: Stickers and magazine pictures make this step super easy for younger ones who don't have the fine motor skills yet for drawing birds and fish. But do encourage them to know that perfection is not the goal here. Some will want to use fat markers to make a few birds and fish, while others will want to make schools and fish and flocks of birds with nests and everything. Encourage individuality but remind them to save room for the rest of the animals and their photos.
  7. God created the rest of the animals and made the first people (just like God made you!): Magazine pictures and stickers will really come in handy now for kids not into drawing. And, then add their photos.
  8. God rested, looked at everything he made, and said it was good: Now the kids can admire their creations. Hang the globes up to dry, and allow the children to stroll around to enjoy what their classmates have created..
  9. This is one of those Bible Story Crafts that you'll want to leave on display for parents and other visitors to enjoy as well before sending home with the kids to display in their own homes.