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Sunday School Games

By Mary Kate Warner

Some teachers don't have any idea of the importance of Sunday school games! Using games in order to teach lessons is always effective! Kids enjoy winning and as a result, they'll pay attention. Therefore, using information about Christianity as a token to win the game is an A+ way to get the info across to your students!

Along with learning information about the Bible, religious school is also for learning about other people and learning to love everyone for who they are. "The Colors of Life" is a perfect activity to do on the 1st day of class. You'll need a bag of M&M's. Each kid will take a handful. Once everyone has some, you'll assign a different meaning for each color. For example, blue=family, green=activities, yellow=friends, red=school, and brown=random facts. Whatever number of each color the kids have is the amount of facts about each subject that they must share with the class.

After they share their personal facts, they must give an example of from the Bible. For example, if a student has a blue and they say they have a brother, they must give an example of a brother-brother or brother-sister relationship from the Bible. After each kid shares a fact, allow them to eat the M&M of that color!

A short Sunday School game called "Hot Bricks" deals with the Ten Commandments. This game is sort of like "Hot Potato" but you'll use a toy brick. Play music. When the music stops, the person that's holding the toy needs to state one of the commandments. If they cannot think of one, they're out. This game is short and simple but it helps the kids to memorize the Ten Commandments!

"Word Builder" is a Sunday school game that helps with keywords from the Bible. You'll divide the class into two teams. Each team must have a different colored piece of chalk. Begin by writing one word that's relevant to the Bible on the chalkboard. The 1st team must make another word using the original word in the same fashion that they would in a game of Scrabble. However, all of the words must be related to Christianity. The game goes on until one of the teams cannot think of any more words. The team with the most words wins.

Bible Win, Lose or Draw" is a Sunday school game that's fun for everybody. Divide the group into two teams. You'll have one person from each team come up at a time. They'll pick a Bible story out of a bowl and then draw it for their team. The team has one minute to guess what story is being drawn. If the team doesn't guess, then the other team has 10 seconds to collaborate and then announce 1 guess. The group that answers correctly (if any) gets 10 points. Anyone that can tell where the story came from gets an additional 5 points for their team. "Bible Win, Lose or Draw" is endlessly entertaining.

About The Author

Mary-Kate Warner is a Sunday School Director in Colorado.

Feel free to visit her website to discover more fun Sunday School

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