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Sunday School Teaching Methods

By Mary Kate Warner

Every teacher has their own Sunday school teaching methods. Different age groups require different lessons and different lessons require different methods. However, no matter the lesson, variety is key. Teaching lessons in an interactive manner is a must! You don't ever have to be the teacher that students dread listening to.

There will be topics that are not as interesting as others but it's all in the way that you present it. Be a joyful and enthusiastic member of your Church. Dig into your own life and teach from the depths of your personal relationship with God. You will not be able to teach children about Christianity if you are not passionate about it yourself!

Celebrating success is another fantastic Sunday school teaching method. You want to make the kids feel good about themselves and make them feel good about God. Even if it might seem over the top, a job well done is a big deal! Take the last 20 minutes of class to play a game if all of the students memorize the verse that you're studying or if everyone gets over an 80% on a test. You want to encourage your class to shoot for the moon. Positive reinforcement is a huge catalyst for success.

You can apply different Sunday school teaching methods in any setting. If it is a nice day outside, teach that day's material outside! You can even do a nature walk with the kids and instruct them to take mental notes of all of God's different creations. During Winter when it snows, take the kids outside to build different Biblical subjects in the snow. Even if you are just going to be reading to the students, sit outside in the sunshine. Sometimes a classroom gets tight and it is nice to give the kids some variety.

Movies, artwork and music are also great tools for your Sunday school teaching methods. Children love to express themselves through artwork. You can do a presentation of Biblical artwork from different generations and then have them create their own piece. As far as movies go, there are a number of short films anywhere from 20-60 minutes that cover Biblical events.

In order to teach religious classes you must develop personal relationships with your students. It is not the same as public school teachers. You need to be someone that kids feel comfortable coming to if they need help with something or if they need to talk.

Reach out to your students and display warmth in your teaching. Relate to everybody and accept everybody. Allow your students to be who they are but still care for them unconditionally. After all, they are your family away from home!

Sunday school teaching methods vary from teacher to teacher. The most important part of teaching is encouraging your students to grow as Christians. Religious growth works hand-in-hand with personal growth and any teacher's main goal should be to assist their students in growing.

About The Author

Mary-Kate Warner is a Sunday School Director in Colorado.


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