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Memorizing Scripture Verses in Sunday School

The most important thing to remember when teaching young children a new memory verse is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid.) The use of small simple words for very young children is essential. At this very young age they do not have the ability to remember long, complicated verses. So remembering to keep it simple is always better.

Look for scriptures that have a single sentence or just a few words that get the point across. For example of easy to remember memory verses include: Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, Genesis 1: 13 And there was evening, and there was morning-the third day. These are just two examples the Bible is full of short sentences or small verses that you can use. You will be amazed at how simple you can keep the memory verse.

The second important point when teaching young children to retain a memory verse is to have fun with it and not repeat it over and over again. Be careful of repetition at this age it can be boring. Think of ways in which you can bring the verse into your weekly activities. For the above examples, you could make a picture split showing day and night for the children to take home, or have a piece of paper with the verse on and make a shepherd from pipe cleaners and tissue paper.

Children love to sing and music is a great way to remember words. So think about putting the memory verse to a simple song or poem that they can sing or say. Look for artist's that have put together children's songs that sing a scripture. Simply saying the verse may not do the trick, but put it with a catchy tune and you may find they are able to remember it much faster and easier.

As an incentive for them to learn the verse through the week you might also want to consider giving out a small reward for remembering the memory verse. When they return the following week, ask them to repeat the memory verse, if they are able to do so let them add a sticker to a memory verse chart or get a small treat out of a prize box. Remember to have realistic expectations of the children. It is advisable to have one verse a month as on average this would be all that a very young child would retain. You do not want to overburden them or demoralize yourself.

So remember to KISS and some have fun on the journey of memorizing scripture verses.

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