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Every teacher, whether old or new, will need some type of help. One key to a successful career as a teacher is networking with other teachers and education staff.

Most of your teaching problems and questions have been handled before. Making friends, interacting, and networking with successful teaching staff can enhance your career as a teacher. Don't make the mistake of not getting help. All teachers need it. So, what are the best sources for help at a teachers fingertips?

Resource Teacher Meet and get to know on a first name basis the resource teachers at your school. They have a wealth of teaching resources for almost any subject, as well as teaching techniques you can try. The resource teacher should be the first teacher you get to know. They also know of teaching workshops and seminars you can attend. Resource teachers are truly the most valuable resource a teacher can have. Many teachers do not even know the plethora of teaching information these resource teachers have. From individual student instruction, to contacting parents, almost any teaching concern you can think of, resources teachers have this information at their finger tips. And if they don't, they will most assuredly know how and where to get it.

The teacher next door Chances are, the teacher next door is teaching the same thing as you, or something similar. Even if this is not the case, they are still a teacher. Good teaching transfers from grade to grade, subject to subject. If you get to know them on a regular basis, you can trade ideas and teaching tips and tricks. Where can you go when you need that emergency lesson plan? Or a piece of chalk? Paper? Teachers should rely on each other. You yourself should have teaching supplies and materials that can be shared on a moments notice. This may not work for every grade and subject, but teachers have been known to take a problem student off your hands for a while. This teacher-to-teacher relationship works both ways. Strive to become the teacher that other teachers can get help from. Teachers, you are in this together.

The wise teacher of the school Every school has one teacher that everyone knows is the best. Ask around. Other teachers will let you in on that information. These teachers will never ever turn you away. They thrive on helping other teachers. Behind the resource teacher, this teacher should be on your list of must meets.

The librarian Librarians are teachers too. Most librarians I imagine are underrated. I cannot begin to list the amount of know-how and information they have. Most school libraries are full of resources for teachers. Don't think of the library as a place for students only!

The principal This includes assistant and head principal. They were once teachers. In fact, they still are! They did not get a principal job without being a pretty good teacher. Ask them to visit your classroom and give you some pointers. They love that stuff. Do not use them as a classroom discipline crutch. In fact, students knowing you are close to the principals will only enhance your classroom discipline.

The secretaries Teachers can get quite a bit of help from the office staff. They know all the procedures, where teaching supplies are, and where to get them. Teachers can get student parent contact information from them, as well as help in finding and using the many forms you as a teacher will need.

The custodians Teachers should never discount custodians. They will help you in getting supplies, desks, chairs, almost anything that you can think of. Normally they have various channels to get you what you need. That is, if you know them on a personal basis! Make life easy on them as well. Leave your classroom in good working order.

Security staff (normally at schools 6th grade and above)
Teachers should get to know the security staff just to know what is expected of them and the procedures to use them. Don't get caught off-guard.

Your friends who are also teachers It's always good for teachers to have personal friends who are also teachers. Socializing can be a way to trade teaching ideas and can be good therapy to discuss teaching day problems.

Don't be a lonely teacher! You cannot be a successful teacher on your own. Every new and seasoned teacher needs to take advantage of the wealth of people who are at their school. That's what they are there for! The wise teacher knows how and where to get it.

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