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Classroom Teachers and Computers

Are you a teacher with a computer and internet in the classroom? Then you have a terrific teaching resource at your fingertips. Not only can you find lesson plans or a quick worksheet, but you can also get help from a variety of sources. And what teacher does not need help? The internet is not a substitute for good teaching, but it can facilitate it. Teachers can always use ways to make things easier.

Many sites have lesson plans already made for you to use immediately. Some sites even allow you to upload your own for other teachers t use. Lesson planning becomes quite easy when gleaning ready-made plans from the internet. Of course modifying them and actually putting them in practice is still part of the art of teaching.

Some work, some don't. All teachers and classrooms are different. There are also forums, blogs, facebook pages, and other places to share lesson plans.

These places are also terrific for finding help with a specific classroom problem or student. Veteran teachers have been there, done that. You no longer need to seek out help from your fellow busy teachers. Sure, they are a great resource. But being able to post or read something and get immediate feedback, can be a teaching lifesaver. Perhaps you too have experiences and teacher wisdom you can share.

Of course there are always books and materials that teachers will need. Browsing and ordering these items online has made getting great teaching books very easy. You no longer need to travel across town or very far to find a favorite teaching book. There are also numerous websites that have free ebooks to download.

Just remember, good teaching is still good teaching. No amount of internet use will be better than your knowledge and skill as a teacher.

Start your online journey by searching for those coveted teacher resources now.

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