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Average Teacher Salaries

Being a teacher has taken a hit recently with schools doing budget cuts and teachers easy to cut. But for tenured teachers, teaching is still a job with security and a decent high-end salary.

Starting teacher salaries are also on par with other jobs that require a Bachelor's Degree.

Although it is true that being a teacher will not make you rich, it does give a comfortable salary. Chances for a higher teacher salary are best on the Coasts, California, New York, and even Massachusetts. Some of the school districts in those states give out six figure salaries for veteran teachers.

Top 5 States Average Teacher Salary

Alaska $80,000+

New York $80,000+

Connecticut $76,000+

New Jersey $75,000+

California $74,000+

Being a teacher is not really about the base salary. Teachers have a love for children, students, and learning. That can't be measured with a salary. Teachers can also earn more by getting an advanced degree, coaching, leading clubs, or other extra curricular activities. Most teachers will tell you they love teaching and money is not in the mix. Yes, even they would admit they would like to be paid more.

Since teachers are public employees, they usually enjoy great benefits, including retirement, health, and dental. Those expense must be added to a teacher's base salary to really determine what a teacher's total compensation is.

Like all careers, do what you love!

Keep in mind that teachers at private schools will most likely have a lower salary scale, and perhaps not as good of a benefit package. But like it says above, do it if you love it.

Selected Teacher Salaries

High School Teachers Median Salary: $58,000 per year.

Middle School Teachers Median Salary: $56,000 per year.

Elementary Teachers Median Salary: $55,000 per year.

Kindergarten Teachers Median Salary: $51,00 per year.

Preschool Teachers Median Salary: $28,000 per year.

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