Parents and Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a very important step in a child's education. In fact, it might be the most important time of all. Because of this, kindergarten teachers need to inform parents as to how they can be an active and vital part of their kindergartener's education and personal growth.

Here are some things that you can tell parents about what they should be doing.

A parent's job is not just to get their child to school. They are partners in the education process. What they do with their child outside of school matters. And, certainly what they child does at school will affect what they do at home. Parent and teacher must work as a team.

Outside experiences matter. Taking your child on trips to museums and other places of educational interest is vital. Kindergarteners want to explore the world. Giving them many hands-on experiences in a public setting will help them socially and academically. Other opportunities are hikes and nature walks.

TV, video games, smartphones, etc. are a mind killers for kindergarteners. Please limit that activity to just a few minutes a day. None is even better. Kindergarteners are too young to be watching much television.

Yes, your child may have homework. Even in kindergarten. This is not a punishment and should be age and time appropriate. It is a time to share the learning process with your child. You acting as teacher now will set the stage later. Kindergarten teachers need parents' help!

Hand dexterity gets better only with practice. Kindergarten time for making letters and numbers is very short. Please practice with them. Help them to use crayons and pencils. The sooner they are good at it, the better.

Never miss an opportunity to read with your kindergartener. Books should be available everywhere in your house. Reading is much more important than TV time. Remember, reading time is not just for bedtime! Make your child enjoy reading now, and it will pay off later.

Your kindergarten works while at play. Playtime is when a children experience and learns about themselves and the world around them. It gives them a chance to learn how to behave with others and with things. Kindergarteners need to learn self control and sharing.

Kindergarten today is not the same as the past. Kindergarteners are expected to know so much more before entering first grade than they ever have been. Knowing the alphabet, numbers, writing their names, and even site reading words are crucial. Parents are teachers too!

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