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Preschool Circle Time Activities

First thing a preschool teacher needs to do, is to get a carpet or rug and make your circle on it. It needs to big enough to hold all students, but small enough to have students and teacher close together. Starting off your preschool day with circle time is a great way to transition your preschoolers into the learning day. However, you can devise a circle time at just about any time of the day in your preschool classroom.

When your preschool students arrive, you probably have them do a little free play as they wait for all students to show up. When all are there, now your preschool can start your circle time!

You may have a bell to ring, or even play a song to let your preschoolers know that it is now circle time.

Each day you will choose different preschoolers in your class to lead all circle time activities. I would choose a different student for each activity, but many preschool teachers choose one student to all circle time activities.

Instead fof sitting down first, you can call one of your preschoolers to get a flag and they can recite the pledge. Then all students sit.

The Calendar and Preschool Circle Time
A calendar for preschool circle time is a must. You can get a large blank one where each day and month can be either pinned up or otherwise attached, and taken down when the month changes. Many preschool teachers use pointers for some of their circle time activities.

If it is a new month, the month's name should be written on a card, shown to the students, and all say the name. Then choose a preschooler to stick it on the calendar. If it is not a new month, your preschoolers repeat the name when you point at it.

You can do the day of the week next. These will probably be permanent on your calendar. Use the pointer or choose a preschooler to point to all days and say the names. Ask what day is today.

Next up for your little preschoolers is the numerical date. Again, these are numbers that can be pinned up and taken down when the month changes. Choose a preschooler to put the number up. Show it first, have them repeat it.

The Weather and Preschool Circle Time

Have a chart similar to a calendar. Have many cut outs to represent rain, sun, clouds, cold, etc. Choose a preschooler to pick what the weather is and put this up.

Other Preschool Circle time Activity Suggestions

Have a large board or something similar that you can post things on a daily basis. Have a good selection of preschool songs and music.

- Play a song that has motions. Very important for preschoolers to be active.

- Play a learning song that preschoolers can learn quick and sing along.

- Have large letter cut outs. Pick a 'letter of the day' to be repeated by your preschoolers and put up on the board.

- Have large preschooler appropriate words on cards. Choose a word of the day and let a preschooler put this on the board as well.

- During preschool circle time, it is a great idea for all students to say the names of everyone as you or a student points to them.

- Preschool circle time can also be used to read a story. Have lots of preschool books!

- Make a magic wand. Something simple, a small stick with a star on the end. Choose a preschooler to use this magic wand and point to students one by one to return to their seats or go to the next activity.

These are just a few simple suggestions for your preschool circle time. Hopefully it will encourage you to come up imaginative ways to conduct your preschool circle time and make it meaningful as well as fun!

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