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Preschool Guidelines and Precautions for Swine Flu, H1N1

If you run a preschool, daycare, or even a kindergarten class, you need to be aware of the CDC issuinng warnings for the fall on Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreaks

Below are a few precautions and guidelines you should take for your preschool or daycare classroom

Encourage flu shots for 6 months and older. Teachers should get them as well. Many clinics will be offering them free. Contact your doctor about flu shots, especially for preschool age children. If you have a large preschool class, perhaps you can get a nurse or doctor to give the shots at school.

Your preschoolers and daycare children should stay home if they are sick. No questions asked. Do not accept a child who has active flu symptoms. The same goes for the preschool teacher and helpers. Do not come to work and be around children if you are sick.

Show your preschoolers how to cough and sneeze correctly into sleeve ot tissue. Provide ample amounts of tissue and dispose of properly.

Check your preschoolers as they enter class. Anyone who looks and feels sick should not be admitted.

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