How Do I Prepare For a Teaching Job Interview?

Dress professional. It is true many teachers do not dress appropriately. After many years, some teachers feel jeans, t-shirts, and shorts is just fine. You will not get a teaching job dressed that way. Get to know a little about the school before you get to your interview.

Be prepared to give a little biography about yourself.

You should be ready for similar questions to the following:

Why should you be hired as a teacher?

What makes you special as opposed to other teacher candidates?

What are your qualifications for this teaching position?

What are your teaching strengths and weaknesses?

Be careful on that one. Nobody is perfect. A good answer is you will improve by learning from fellow teachers, finding what works, and what doesn't.

How will you handle a disruptive student or classroom?

Will you support all school rules?

Another common question is to ask you if you have any questions for them. Do not act like you are looking for something wrong. Ask something positive. Is the campus always this clean? Is the staff always this helpful? Do not ask something like: Do we have to stay for teacher meetings?

If you are a well-prepared teacher who has gone through teacher education classes, relax. The rest of the questions are easy.
Remember, that if you are called in for a teacher job interview, you are definitely being considered!

After the Interview

Ask your interviewer when they will make a decision. Act eager for the job, but not giddy. Be polite. A call back the next day is also appropriate if you have not heard. Normally, a decision is made rather quickly. Most jobs are given out in the summer and they need to plan for the next school year.

Contact the person who you interviewed with if you have not heard within two days. If they say they have not made a decision, chances are, you are out. If they have, thank them and move on to the next one! You should never stop looking if you are called for an interview. Line up several if possible.

One last thing. You should visit a local school and sit in on a class. Stick with a teacher all day and see what it is like. Your local college may be able to set this up. Or, your local school may need volunteers or you could visit your own child's classroom. It is a good idea to talk to teachers before starting down the path.

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